Providing a personal health monitor and a resource
to advance patient-relevant research in kidney cancer

Welcome to the MYQOL (My Quality of Life)
Kidney Cancer Patient Registry

Help us evaluate the usefulness of a recently developed on-line registry for kidney cancer patients (called 'MYQOL' which stands for My Quality of Life) by participating in this 1-year study. You are eligible to participate if you are 18 years or older and have been diagnosed with kidney cancer.

MYQOL registry participants enter information about their disease, treatment, symptoms, health status, and quality of life into an on-line, password-protected database on a regularly scheduled basis. Participants can use the registry to track many of their symptoms and their health status over time and to compare themselves (anonymously) with other groups of people (for example, how their level of fatigue compares with the average level of fatigue reported by other participants in the registry). The information collected in the registry can be used by research scientists to better understand the impact of disease symptoms and treatments on the health status and quality of life of those with kidney cancer. Registry participants will be offered opportunities to join in other research studies when available.

Learn More: To learn more about this study, click below on 'About MYQOL' or view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

View the Consent Form: To review a copy of the consent form before enrolling in the study, click here  View Consent Form. The consent form provides details about the research project, what you are being asked to do if you choose to participate, and information about risks, benefits, confidentiality, and your rights as a research participant. If you decide to enroll in the study you will be asked to read through and agree to the terms of the consent form.

Participate in the Study: To participate in the study, click on 'Create New Account' to register and then read through and agree to the consent form. The system will then provide instructions on how to complete the forms and track your results.

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